Participants in the Survey

Participants in the Viewpoint Survey will receive a copy of the Participation information booklet along with a consent form inviting them to take part.

Please click on 'Downloads' for a copy of the 2010 participation booklet

Please be assured that your NHS trust has not given us any of your personal details!

This is how we contacted you:

  1. Your trust was asked to help us with this research project.
  2. From the database of people who use mental health services, a number of people were selected at random, by a computer.
  3. Your trust then sent you the invitation pack.
  4. If you send the consent form back, it goes straight to the research team, not your trust, so your care team does not know if you took part in the research.
    Your Trust has not told us any names or other information about you. The only information we have about you is what you tell us in the consent form or the interview.
  5. Once the interview has taken place, your name will be separated from your answers. When we write up the findings of the project information from all the interviews will be summarised and no individual participant will be linked to any comments they made.
  6. Your care team will not know whether or not you took part in the survey or any of your answers.